Various Questions

  1. Because we have the experience!
    Our offices are official partners of large shipping companies. With our experienced and trained staff, we guarantee the perfect service for your ferry and air tickets.
  2. Because here you will find the best prices & all the offers!
    We are constantly checking the prices and the new offers of the companies, in order to offer you the lowest on the market.
  3. Why serve with e-ticket and ferry!
    You buy online – by phone – via email, you receive your tickets from the port of departure or we send them to your place or you receive them in your e-mail or your mobile, 48 hours before departure.
  4. Because we serve you with all payment methods: Credit cards, cash, e-banking, bank deposit.
  5. Why we provide support 7 days / week!
    We remind you that we are in the islands of Fourni Korseon & Ikaria. We are open every day, next to you to help you in any possible difficulty with immediate support and care.
  1. From our store located in the ports of Evdilos Ikaria, Agios Kirikos Ikaria and Fourni Korseon at no extra charge.
  2. Shipping by courier to your place – at the expense of the recipient. Please note the time required for the delivery of the tickets.
    Attention: If your tickets do not arrive within the aforementioned period, please contact us as soon as possible. This way we will be able to locate them and speed up the delivery process.
  3. E-ticket: receipt of the boarding pass on your mobile or e-mail (48 hours before departure) or receipt from the port of departure – port office of the company. Contact us, informing us of the reservation code, and we will indicate the office from which you will receive your tickets or we will provide you with the free web checkin service.

The cancellation and refund policy depends solely on the rules set by the respective shipping company and may differ from one to another.

• Tickets can only be canceled under the following conditions, if you have refundable tickets:

  1. Up to 15 days before departure (up to 30 days for Adriatic routes): 100% refund
  2. Up to 8 days before departure: 75% refund.
  3. Up to 24 hours before departure: 50% refund
  4. Money for “Super Economy” tickets, “Early Booking” reservations or subject to any special offer is non-refundable, does not change (* only for “Super Economy”), after booking for any reason.

• Non-Show : In case of “non-appearance of travelers”, for any reason, there is no possibility of a refund.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive any refunds for printed tickets, including all their coupons, they must be returned to our office so that we can proceed with a refund.

• The “service fee” of the reservation is non-refundable.

• If you request to change your printed tickets, from 14 days to 48 hours before departure, you must pick up your new tickets from our offices or from the head office of each company.

• If you have already received by courier the printed tickets you want to change, you must deliver them back to our offices, or from the headquarters of each company.

Change and cancellation requests are taken into account during the opening hours of our office. Do not hesitate to check the opening hours on our website and consider that the office will remain closed on public holidays in Greece. In case the request is submitted while the office is closed, it will not be processed during the shipment, but on the first date and time that our representatives will be able to handle the case according to the opening hours of our office.

• Tickets can only be changed once and can not be canceled or changed again.

• Instead of canceling your tickets, you can convert them to OPEN (open date tickets) at no extra charge, up to 24 hours before the departure of the ship. These tickets are valid for the same route and company, for a limited period during which you will have to contact us to set a new travel date.

Loss of Tickets : In case of loss of the ticket, a new one must be purchased. The loss must then be reported in writing, stating the date of the trip, the route and the number of the lost ticket, as well as the number of the new ticket and a photocopy thereof. If, after checking the company’s records, it turns out that the lost ticket did not travel or was not replaced, within one (1) month of the trip, the passenger is entitled to a free ticket of equal value to the lost one.

You can not make a reservation through the OnLine system in the following cases:

  1. For some ferry companies, you may not be able to book ferry tickets. For travel where the time period between booking date & departure date, is less than 8 ημερών. Whether you are interested in a special day (eg: Holy Spirit, May Day).
  2. In case the tickets belong to different companies, you will have to make different reservations, one for each company.
  3. The seats you selected are not available. (While you see availability the moment you start making your reservation, proceeding to the next steps, someone else who is on the same route manages to complete the reservation before you taking your remaining seats.)
  4. The ship is available but our allotment of seats on this route is at limit points. On most itineraries we have unlimited tickets for as long as there are empty seats. On some itineraries, some companies give us the maximum number of tickets we can issue (allotment). So if your reservation is not made while the ship is available it means our allotment is exhausted and you will need to contact us to issue your tickets.)

In these cases, contact us by e-mail or by phone and you will receive the best offer from our staff for the departure you are interested in or for the next best solution we can offer you.

Timetable and Prices
The booking system is automatically updated in real time with itineraries and prices, so you can use it even for your simple information. Displays only approved itineraries on which you can make reservations, while itineraries for approval are not displayed. The itineraries are gradually added to the system, usually 2 to 4 months before, ie in August the itineraries are available around the middle of April.

Departure Confirmation
As for all means of transport, so for ships, there is a possibility that the scheduled itineraries will be modified or even canceled due to unbalanced factors (eg: breakdowns, weather conditions) and other factors related to the shipping company. We recommend our customers to confirm the departure of their ship, 24 hours before departure at the local port agency of the respective shipping company with which they travel.

Position code explanations
The following list gives you the most common categories you will encounter and their possible code:

A2, AA2, A422-bed external cabin with bathroom
AB2, AB42, AS22-bed internal cabin with bathroom
B2, B422-bed internal cabin with sink
A3, AA3, A433-bed external cabin with bathroom
AB3, AB433-bed internal cabin with bathroom
B3, B433-bed indoor cabin with sink
A4, AA4, A444-bed external cabin with bathroom
AB4, AB444-bed internal cabin with bathroom
B4, B444-bed internal cabin with sink
DORDormitories, separate men and women
ATS, S, AKAirline Seats (numbered seats)
VIP, VIPSVIP position (S indicates smoking department)
VIP, VIPSVIP position with table (S indicates smoking department)
B, BS, DKN,A ClassDistinguished Position (S denotes smoking section)
BT, BTSDistinguished Table Position (S denotes smoking area)
EC, ECSEconomic position (S indicates smoking department)
ECT, ECTSEconomic position with table (S indicates smoking department)

Having made some bookings (up to 4 or 5), you do not have to pay separately for each shipment:

  1. At the end of the first booking in the question “How do you want to receive your tickets?”, Select “Courier”.
  2. For all other reservations answer the same question “Free from our Glaros Agency store”.
  3. Once you have completed your reservations send us an email immediately or call us, indicating all the codes of your reservations. We will send you all the ferry tickets with a single courier delivery without paying separately for each reservation.

Caution: If your ferry tickets do not arrive within the aforementioned period, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can locate them and expedite the delivery process.

For the issuance of ferry tickets, the full name of the passenger, date of birth, citizenship / nationality as well as a mobile communication phone are required.

The travel agency does not bear any responsibility in case the information given to the respective employee is incorrect or false.

Also, the sole responsibility for the validity of travel documents lies solely with the passenger. This also applies to all documents accompanying discount fares (eg Student, AMEA, NAT, etc.)