Our collaborations with renowned professionals of Ikaria and Fourni Korsea, can offer a safe environment for you and your family for the duration of your vacation.

Ikaria Hotels | Atheras & Kerame Hotel on the island of Ikaria

Ikaria Hotels with Atheras and Kerame hotels on the north side of Ikaria, can offer high quality accommodation services.

Mav Cars | Car rentals on the island of Ikaria

The many years of experience of the company Mav Cars in the field of car rental on the island of Ikaria, will help you to choose the right vehicle based on your needs.

Escape cars & Bikes Rental | Car & motorcycle rentals on the island of Fourni

With the brand new fleet of IX & MOTO category vehicles, the exploration of Fourni Korseon island will be done with absolute safety and comfort.