Discover the island of Icarus!

Known for the traditional festivals (“panighiria”) and the longevity of its inhabitants, Ikaria is located in the Northeast Aegean, near Samos and Fourni islands. Along with four other places on earth, it is included in the “blue zone”, i.e. the areas where people live longer. Their longevity is mainly due to their calm lifestyle and their diet. It is Mediterranean, based on vegetables, fish, goat meat, milk and cheese. The majority of the Icarian people engage in agricultural work and fishing.

Ways to get to the island:

 Ikaria is connected by ferry to Piraeus and Kavala. It has two ports, Agios Kirikos which is on the south side and Evdilos to the north. It is also directly connected to several other islands including: Samos, Fourni, Thymaina, Syros, Mykonos, Chios, Lesvos, Lemnos, Patmos, Leros, Kos, Kalymnos, Lipsi & Rhodes.

Boat’s timetables

From 05/06/2023 till 14/09/2023[1] the itineraries from Piraeus are daily to Ikaria.

To Evdilos: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 07.15-14.05

To Agios Kirikos: Tuesday, Sunday 07.15-14.10, Thursday 14.00-20.05

From Evdilos: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 18.00-00.50, Wednesday 19.15-01.30

From Agios Kirikos: Tuesday 18.15-00.20, Saturday 03.25-09.45, Sunday 18.15-01.05                                                    &

26/06/2023-29/08/2023:    Kavala- Agios Kirikos Every Tuesday 19.30-15.40

                                               Agios Kirikos-Kavala Every Monday 20.30-16.35

Ikaria is also connected by air to Athens & Thessaloniki

                       Flight’s schedule June-September 2023

From Athens:

  • Olympic Air Monday to Saturday 10.55-11.50, Sunday 13.20-14.15
  • Sky express daily 15.40-16.35

To Athens:

  • Olympic Air Monday-Saturday 17.40-18.35, Sunday 14.40-15.35
  • Sky express daily 16.55-17.50

From Thessaloniki via Lemnos:

Olympic Air Monday to Saturday 14.55-17.10, Sunday 11.20-14.15

To Thessaloniki via Lemnos:

Olympic Air Monday to Saturday 12.15-14.25, Sunday 14.40-17.15


*The route with the airline SKY EXPRESS from Athens – Ikaria will take place on 25/06/2023 with departure time 10:00 and arrival time 10:55.

**The route with the airline SKY EXPRESS from Athens – Ikaria will take place on 29/07/2023 with departure time 10:15 and arrival time 11:10.

*The route with the airline company SKY EXPRESS from Ikaria – Athens will take place on 25/06/2023 with departure time 11:25 and arrival time 12:20

**The route with the airline SKY EXPRESS from Ikaria – Athens will take place on 29/07/2023 with departure time 11:40 and arrival time 12:35.

What you need to see in Ikaria:

Definitely a panighiril! This festivals are traditionally held on the feast day of the Saint in each village or can be moved to another date. They take place during day or night time. The served dishes are goat meat, salads, various appetizers and traditional sweets. Of course, plenty of Icarian wine and local musicians playing a large variety of different kinds of music from all over Greece! It is worth mentioning that the festivals are organized by the villagers and the money collected goes to various charitable purposes!

In Ikaria there are two Monasteries that you must visit. One is located near the village of Pigi, named Agia Theoktisti. The Monastery has been operating since 1688 and today it has no monks. Around it there are various small rooms that the monks used to live in. The Chapel of Theoskepasti is built in a cave

covered with a huge rock and is one of the main attractions of the island. In the courtyard you can enjoy traditional “loukoumades” (sweet donuts with honey) or a cup of coffee looking at forest around you! The second Monastery is the Evangelismos of Munde located near the village of Kastanies. It is a peaceful location in the forest that is definitely worth a visit. For lovers of antiquity, the Temple of Tauropoulos Artemis in Nas and the archaeological museum of Kampos are of interest.

Some recommendations for beaches you can go to are the following: Mesakti (Gialiskari), Livadi (Armenistis), Nas (Nas), Kampos (Kampos), Seychelles (Manganitis), Iero (near the airport), Kerame (Evdilos), Kyparissi (Kyparissi), Aris (Karavostamo), Faros (Faros). Of course, there are smaller beaches and places suitable for swimming that you can explore in the coastal villages!

In beautiful Evdilos, which is amphitheatrically built around the port, you can find several shops, restaurants and cafes. Its square is full of people since it is a meeting point. In Christos village at Raches, where the shops are open until late at night, on the picturesque cobbled streets you can enjoy your drink or food under the plane trees. Perhaps the most touristic village of Ikaria is Armenistis. There you will find many souvenir shops, patisseries and restaurants. Also, very beautiful places are the village of Nas, especially when the sun is setting, Karavostamo which is one of the largest villages on the island,  Arethousa which has an amazing view and Avlaki where in its harbor you can swim and drink your coffee or ouzo in the small cafe there. In Therma and Lefkada there are thermal springs for which many people come every year from all across the country. The waters of the thermo-metallic springs are therapeutic for various ailments and at the same time offer relaxation and well-being!

In Xylosyrtis there is the “Athanato Nero” (immortal water). The locals named it this way, because its water is suitable for kidney and gall ailments. Near the villages of Chrysostomos and Vaoni is the “Rock of Ikaris”. The point where, according to mythology, Icarus fell and gave his name to the island. The large dam is located in the village of Pezi. The route as well as the location are full of towering pine trees. On its banks you will also see the inhabitants of the dam, turtles and various birds!

For one-day excursions you can choose one of the villages of Karkinagri, Trapalou and Manganitis. Each of the three have their own character, but all have the wild and otherworldly beauty which characterizes the villages on that side of the island. In these you can swim on their unique beaches and eat in the taverns you will find there. Don’t miss a one-day visit to Fourni or Thymaina. There is a connection from the port of Agios Kirikos. In these islands that are like a little paradise, you can swim and eat fresh fish!

For nature lovers there are several paths on the island through which you can see towers, small lakes, green forests, the gorge, streams, old houses built literally under rocks (so that pirates wouldn’t be able to locate them), mills and chapels . On your routes you will be accompanied by smells from the many herbs that grow on the island.